Thursday 5th October

With an optimistic forecast the Clubhouse was full of keen members looking to complete Card checks/renewals and make the most of the autumn sunshine.
North Hill weather station - 0900 Cold Front clearance
For once the weather forecast was pretty accurate around when the rain would stop and the sun would shine so the Clubhouse was not full for very long as Mark Courtney arrived and "encouraged" everyone to start getting gliders out of the hangar.
Early October! (Mike Sloggett)
With a fresh Northerly wind it was a straightforward decision to set 'Blue Card' conditions and with a full flying list the K21s were in continuing use throughout the morning for card checks - the DG505 was also being flown by various members keen to progress their flying skills to the next level.

By late morning the thermals were evident with Mark Courtney and Hans Jenssen climbing to 2600' over Wellington Monument, allowing Hans to fly over his house for the first time with Mark and Hans achieving just over an hour in the air before deciding to land to allow other members to fly.
Mark and Hans flying over Culmstock (Mark Courtney)
After lunch the flying list continued to be progressed with most flights "lucky enough" to find sufficient lift to enjoy the autumn skies - apart from those occasions when Instructors decided that an eventuality might be 'fun' for the pilot in the front seat!

Paul Little (Open Cirrus CEC) was the only private owner to rig and fly but took advantage of the conditions.
Ridge of High pressure -missing over the summer! (Mike Sloggett)
By late afternoon everyone had flown so the gliders were put away and the hangar doors shut on what was a great first Thursday in October - fingers crossed for more October Thursdays like today! - Mike Sloggett