Thursday 19th October

Alas the forecast was spot on with low cloud and rain persisting.  The ever hopeful Thursday crew were there in numbers though just in case. 
A band of volunteers - AKA pressed men - assembled to tackle the tunnel which was crammed full of just about everything and anything that had been thrown in there over many years “in case it might be needed”.  Motivated and spurred on by Nick we eventually discovered gold in the form of the venerable old digger which hasn’t moved for some considerable while. With modest encouragement from the Duo Discus crew with battery charger and a string of jump leads to a Disco it once again roared and creaked across the tarmac to await its new owners. 
Peter Smith's favourite vehicle! (Mark Layton)
 The accumulated debris has been set aside pending the arrival of a skip to which it will all be entrusted in due course. Jill spotted and retrieved some important funny shaped pieces of wood from the disposal pile in the nick of time, thank goodness for the Denbigh weather or they would be gone forever.  
Last to be dragged out by a tug of war crew was an ancient corrugated iron toilet cubicle thought to date from the early mining activity.  It will be on site for a few days in case anyone wishes to give it a new home. Toilet roll holder is included as is the push button call for assistance, although we could not see what, if anything, it actually connected to.
There is now space to use for proper storage and parking, so a really good effort and job well done. Thank you to everyone who pitched in. - Peter Smith