Sunday 15th October

With today's forecast to be "almost like a summer day" in terms of sunshine and temperature a number of members turned up bright and early to make the most of the forecast good weather.
However the weather was not true to forecast, with low cloud and a brisk Southerly wind deterring aviation. As ever there was a good level of optimism that everyone should wait to see if the promised clearance of the cloud might transpire in time for some flying to take place later in the day.

After lengthy discussion, over late breakfasts and hot drinks, about anything and everything various members ventured out from the Clubhouse with purpose - the Junior and both K21s were brought out of the hangar and the DG505 was derigged ahead of the imminent Club expedition to The Mynd. Then the K13 was derigged and put into the workshop ahead of it's annual inspections.

And with some glimpses of blue sky amongst the grey skies and some brightness here and there a decision was made to have lunch ahead of some potential flying in the afternoon should the weather continue to improve.

Early afternoon the decision was made to set up the launch point in the North East corner of the airfield, the winch was taken to the opposite corner of the field and the Junior and K21s towed across to the launch point.

The first launch of the day confirmed both that a reasonable height could be achieved on the launch and that the South ridge was working in places albeit with a need for high standards of lookout to keep an eye on other gliders in and amongst the odd clouds drifting across the airfield and the hazy horizon.
Launchpoint (Mike Sloggett)
As the afternoon continued so did the flying but against a backdrop of increasing low cloud which was steadily reducing in height - and by late afternoon, with everyone who wanted to having flown. a decision was made to put all the toys away.

A total of 14 flights for just over 2 hours, Well Done to John Purcey with the longest flight of the day, 38 minutes in the Junior.
Thank you again to everyone who helped others to get into the air - great teamwork enthusiasm (and patience) all round. - Mike Sloggett