Friday 27th October - Juniors at Long Mynd

The day started off well, with some fairly light north-westerlies and a clear sunny sky. We were all keen to fly, because we had to de-rig the DG and start heading home by 5. We had everything set up by 10 and Josh took the first flight with Mark in the DG by 10:30. 
Launching at Long Mynd (Mike Sloggett)
The first few flights were short, but were very good circuit practice for the new location. Later in the day, thermals began to develop and flights became longer. We had a few good flights before we decided it was time to de-rig and head home.
Long Mynd in the sunshine (Mike Sloggett)
The journey was uneventful, and most of us made it back to North Hill by 21:15. Huge thanks to everyone who made the trip possible! We had a lot of fun. Massive thanks to the Midland Gliding Club for being incredible hosts and providing us with such an epic experience! - Oscar Leeson