Sunday 17th September

The day dawned with the promise of a reasonable forecast; unfortunately the weather hadn't read the script and the small but keen band of members who arrived bright and breezy at the club were greeted by a chilly blustery North Easterly wind and layers of low cloud. Despite numerous efforts a forecast that actually reflected the conditions at North Hill was hard to find, and we did really look! Despite this the gliders and kit were soon positioned in the South West corner of the field ready to start flying, but the low cloud led to a retreat to the club house for tea and breakfast. Meanwhile James Flory and Martin Woolner positioned the Falke ready for a flight as soon as the cloud lifted and Simon Jordy readied the tug for the planned trial lessons.
Looking for the wave in the Falke (James Flory)

After much tea and discussion the cloud finally lifted enough to allow flying to start around 11:30. Duty Instructor Simon Leeson took the first launch, closely followed by James and Martin in the Falke. Conditions were far from booming, but there were broken thermals to be found. James and Martin also searched for wave downwind of the field, but only found broken lift. Simon did a great job, especially as there were reports it was his birthday, working through the two seater list whilst several club members enjoyed trips in the junior.  
Josh with some more solos (JB)
 James, back from his Falke trip with Martin then stepped in to cover until JB was able to arrive mid afternoon to work through the rest of the list with help from Steve Westlake. There were even reports of Ron and Woolly having a quick two seater trip together, while Guy Adams took Dave Cowley up in Victor Golf to see if he could navigate his way home to Martock. Two trial lessons were flown by Matt Williamson, including one mile high flight. Everything was safely packed away soon after 5. Particular thanks to the members who helped all day but didn't fly, especially Tim Petty who did a stirling job driving the winch for half the day.  Not the best weather but a good days flying none the less. - James Flory