Saturday 9th September - The highlights

At 9:28 the hanger was unpacked ready for a day of flying.

At 10:09 the hanger was packed away due to impending rain. 

At 10:30 Francis arrived and immediately started his daily digest of today's newspaper.

At 10:31 Francis took a snooze.

At 13:02 Francis awoke and promptly left for home.

At 13:30 Ruth and Rowan took the first launch of the day to enjoy off the clock lift to 1700 feet cloud base and a 40min flight of shower dodging.

At 14:24 Paul S. and William took a half price aerotow onto the ridge only to be forced home because of a wall of showers.

At 14:48 the kit was put away due to heavy showers.

Thanks to the brave tuggies James H and Simon L who towed us aloft in either exciting or challenging condition depending on your perspective.