Wednesday 23rd August - Course week

A mixed forecast with the possibility of a shower, brightening in the afternoon, there were some showers about but they all missed us.
Thermals started (John Street)
All the club gliders were out plus the DG1001 Neo, there was a bit of low cloud about but aerotows went ahead with the DG demonstrator and managed several flights in the gaps in the cloud cover before being derigged and returned to Lasham.
Clean and valet DG1001 Neo (Mark Layton)
The second August course was in full swing with Mike and Martin doing a fine job. All the Wednesday suspects that turned up flew and most had reasonable soaring flights although the cloud base didn't get much above 2,500ft.
Busy launch point (John Street)
The only private gliders were Nigel and Jeff, Robert and Pete W were the tuggies.
We finished flying flying about 5.30pm and handed over the two-seaters to the Air Cadets evening group. 
Another great North Hill sunset (Mike Sloggett)
It was a very pleasant and productive day with more than 60 flights. - John Street.

Course summary

Day 3 for the course dawned typically summery, for Devon; overcast and decidedly chilly. Despite the rather inhospitable conditions the course members and ground helpers got everything ready with the help of the normal Wednesday crew ready for another days flying.  Mike Sloggett was the first to bravely leap into the air on the winch doing a weather flight with Mark Worlsford. The conclusion was it was flyable but with areas of low cloud; how much more summery could you get! 
However, as the day progressed the cloud base slowly went up and the course got flying in force. Rick Andrews took advantage of the free Junior whilst Mike, Martin Woolner and James Flory worked through the list of course members wanting dual flights. Mark continued to progress really well with Martin’s coaching, whilst Graham Hawker continued to enjoy flights in the DG, thats the 505 rather than the 1001! Callum Ayres bravely stepped forward to fly with James Flory as the new instructor on the block and enjoyed three launches later into the afternoon. Simon Collier was able to enjoy an aerotow in his ASW 15, helping him to build experience in his new glider. Sadly one of the course members had to drop out, but fortunately Mike "sales man" Sloggett was able to fill the slot within minutes. Ross Pratt wasn’t able to move quickly enough before the full powers of Mike’s sales technique landed on him and his mum. Suitably persuaded Ross was duly signed up; good job Mike!. Although not a perfect weather day everyone managed to fly and good progress was made by all.

The day then continued into the evening with trail lesson flying for Air Cadets from Exeter and Bodmin. All the cadets enjoyed good flights, with the weather rather typically getting better as the day went on and the sun began to set. Special thanks to all the ground crew who had to cope with several cable related problems on the winch. Overall a good days flying at North Hill. - James Flory