Friday 25th August - Course week

Over the Course dinner last evening there was much talk about the week so far during which all four days had been flyable and whether it it might be a tad greedy to hope that the optimistic forecast of some potential soaring would actually happen.

With a bright blue sky over the airfield and a good weather forecast there was an evident air of keenness and enthusiasm first thing with various Club gliders brought out of the hangar and ground equipment being readied for action. The arrival of several private owners indicated that the general optimism for some soaring was (probably) well placed.
North Hill in the sunshine (Mike Sloggett)

The weather forecast suggested that flying ought to start from the North West corner ahead of a probable change of ends later in the day - however with only a minimal wind of variable direction the winch was dispatched to the North West corner and the gliders were walked up to the launch point which was now in the South East corner of the airfield

The first flight of the day was airborne just after 9:30 and it became apparent that there was already thermic activity in and around he airfield albeit cloudbase not very high. But as the morning progressed then the thermals became more evident whilst the flights became longer

It almost seemed wrong to stop for lunch but pilots and ground helpers needed refreshment after a good but warm morning's activity.

Before lunch Pete Startup (Discus 230), Mike Fairclough (Pik DFK) and Simon Minson (ASW20 SM) had all launched and successfully "got away", disappearing for a couple of hours in the directions of Tiverton and Crewkerne for the Club 100.

By the time lunch was over the sky had improved further providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a soaring flight (or two) during the afternoon to finish the Course Week.
Course Members, Instructors and Helpers (Mike Sloggett)
A good week all round, well done to the Course members Simon Collier, Rick Andrews, Graham Hawker, Callum Ayres, Ross Pratt and Mark Worsfold for making progress with their objectives for the week and particularly to the ground helpers William Pope, Roly and Heather Clarke without whom we could not get airborne, and the Back Seat Drivers Martin Woolner, Mike Sloggett and 'Rookie Instructor' James Flory. - Mike Sloggett