Wednesday 30th November

The forecast was for a very cold frosty day so all who turned up were wearing as many clothes as they could get on. We walked the two K21s and a Junior to the southwest corner, but by the time we had the arrived at the launch point some of us were a bit on the warm side in the bright sunshine and lack of wind and some even took a layer or two of clothes off! 
Well wrapped up (Dave Clements)
The flying was very pleasant with perfect visibility but with no hint of lift, everyone flew and we finished flying at 4.00pm because of the danger of  canopy misting.
Hooking on (Mark Layton)
Lumberjack JB was clearing fallen branches from the footpath and Matt was putting his drone through its paces.
Junior on finals (Dave Clements)
Robert again claimed the longest flight - but had to have a 3,000ft aerotow to claim it. - John Street