Thursday 1st December

Most members had a foggy trip to the club today, but halfway up the hill it turned into bright sunshine. With a slight delay to get the airframes and canopies up to temperatures  that were usable, the launchpoint was setup in the southeast corner with just a very slight northwesterly draught.

Being artistic (Mark Courtney)
As soon as it was possible, the Thursday regulars were keen to get into the air to view the spectacular views all around the Blackdown Hills. So it was 1 flight each to make sure everyone got the opportunity. 

And a large selection of photos to choose from that didn't quite do the serene views justice.

From the DG505 (James Hood)
Fog receding from the Blackdown Hills (Peter Smith)
Low sun emphasised the great  views along the ridge (Mark Layton)
Trees popping up through the fog in the valley (Mark Layton)
We got going again quickly after lunch and found that the fog started reforming again in the valleys, but it wasn't a problem over the Blackdown Hills. 
Congratulations to John Borland for converting to the Junior in the excellent conditions.
John Borland converted to Junior (Jill Harmer)

In fact we were able to continue flying until the shadows lengthened behind the Beech trees with the last two launches landing from the west to avoid the low sun. 36 flights in total and one of the most spectacular days that we have seen at North Hill. - J&P
Turning out over Broadhembury (M5Matt)
A perfect day for a tow (M5Matt)