Sunday 18th December

Another quiet day at North Hill, -there were only 4 people wanting to train and a few regulars who flew the Junior. 
The weather slowed the morning as we feared the cloud would rise from the valley over the field. 

I had the first two flights after Mark Courtney and Matt Williamson took the Falke for a trip; we were hesitant about launching as the cloud was climbing through the trees. However,  the cloud was the least of our worries as our canopies would mist up instantly. 
Low cloud and fog surrounds North Hill (Simon Minson)
Spectacular views from the top of the launch and the air so smooth that everyone enjoyed a few short flights above the clouds. 
Another lovely North Hill sunset (Mark Courtney)
22 flights in total, everyone flew and Ellie and Mike Harris from St Austell went solo after check flights. Ending at 4 o'clock with a lovely sunset on the drive home. - Reuben Buss (first time blogger)