Sunday 11th December

A large number of members turned up today optimistic that the fog and mist would lift and offer a chance of flying. John Sillett led a gang to get the equipment out and DI'd, no sooner had the canopies been cleaned the mist came back in force. We retreated to the Clubhouse for tea and moaning, this gave opportunity for us to welcome new member Simon and his daughter Molly, returning after a trial lesson and temporary membership period.
Foggy morning (Will Stainer)
The fog kept threatening to disappear but seemed to come back thicker each time it did. Slowly the numbers dwindled so the kit was put away; more tea and moaning.

As usual, the members leaving prompted the weather to perk up at about 2 o'clock, under the supervision of JB the 2 K21's were pulled onto line and the tug brought out. JB and H5 Matt had the first tow up to 4,000ft,   the views were staggering. 
Fog in the valleys (H5 Matt)
The fog was kept down in the valley by an inversion, evident by the smoke rising to a ceiling beneath it before dispersing. After using some height taking in the beautiful scenery the excess energy was expelled with some loops and chandelles.
Matt Williamson and JB (H5 Matt)
Paul Summers also flew and took Guy Adams along as ballast, Stuart Proctor took Simon Minson for the last flight of the day before a thin layer of mist appeared over the airfield. Thanks for everyone who helped out today and hung around waiting to fly, a very humbling day with breathtaking views which reminded us how privileged we are to be able enjoy such a fantastic sport with such close friends. - Matt Williamson