Wed 5th September

 Course news
After a theory-heavy day under murky skies yesterday the course members were eager to put their knowledge into practice, with much more favourable weather today. Along with the Wednesday club members we set up at the far end of the field.
West end launch point (Mike Sloggett)
Doug and Andy each had the fun of an aero tow in the Perkoz to practice some spins. Richard  Copus and Rob Rankin worked on winch launches and circuit planning, with Rob also getting in some launch failure practice and thermal soaring. Emma Kendall enjoyed the challenge of going without an altimeter. Andy Davey managed 2 hours in the Junior with a climb to 3,800ft, and is striving for a 5 hour flight for silver duration before the week is out.
Devon skies (Mike Sloggett)
John Sillett slipped in some aerobatics with James Price towards the end of the day - how else could they get down from 2,000ft?

 Pete Startup in 230 and Eric Alston G29 enjoyed mixed conditions on the Club 100.- Emma Kendall (first time blogger)

 Club flying
The good summer (autumn ) weather continues with all the the club gliders walked to the S/W corner, there was some early soaring before lunch, about 1:00pm the lift became very good if you could contact it.
Busy launch point with Mike and Rob Rankin (John Street)
By mid-afternoon the thermals were reaching 4,000ft with 4-6kt thermals under most clouds
Eric, Pete Startup, Jeff Taberham and Andrew Logan all flew their own gliders and had good flights.
Our returning visitor from Canada Roger had a nice flight in the DG505 which he found quite different from flying his K6 in Canada he also commented he wasn't used to flying from such a large wide field! - John Street.