Tues 5th June - Course Week

Oops, I spoke to soon ! All course members duly reported at 08:30 to be met with low cloud and drizzle. John Sillett and Guy conducted some lectures and James and Tim showed Andy how to refuel and DI the ground vehicles ( do we or don't we check the steering oil levels).
Ground Vehicles - READY (Webcam)

There was a vague hope that a clearance would arrive just after lunchtime. So the aircraft were pulled out of the hangar and DIs carried out. An early lunch ensued in anticipation of the most optimistic forecast that we could find. 
Gliders - READY (Webcam)
A certain instructor and helper were obviously getting bored as some verbal sparring between John and James was evident regarding merits of Navy vs RAF ! Quite entertaining. 

After lunch the simulator was fired up giving course members semi-valuable experience of some basic exercises. Thanks to Mark who seemed to know how to get it going. More speed for the loop next time!

At 2:30 it was decided to put the kit away and the day was scrubbed. Thanks to Nick for fitting the tow bar to the new Freelander, - looks very smart. Tomorrow's forecast looks better.......maybe. - Andy Williams