Wed 16th May

The ground equipment was already out and prepared by the time the May course and the few Wednesday diehards arrived at the Clubhouse this morning. Unfortunately the weather was 'sub optimal' for flying so the May course instructors used the poor conditions to provide a morning lecture series covering a number of gliding related topics. The pre-solo pilots benefited from having their cards signed off whilst  the existing solo pilots enjoyed the very useful refresher. 

Howling crosswind from the north (Mike Fawcett)
With no improvement in the weather the flying was formally cancelled after lunch and members started to drift homewards. However, undaunted by the weather, Mike Sloggett took the opportunity to convert to a new club type by first having a cockpit brief in the John Deere tractor. After some P2 instruction out on the field he was finally sent off into the great green expanse to mow solo, anxiously watched by his instructor Pete Smith!

Despite no flying being possible the day proved useful to brush up on the theoretical aspects of our shared passion for all those attending today.........and the grass is shorter. -David Cowley