Sun 27th May

As I drove up to the club through various rain storms I wondered what kind of flying if any I would be doing. The Met Office were predicting a mix of rain and cloud throughout the morning followed by a short period of sunshine in the afternoon. By 9:30 it was apparent that this forecast had put most
members off with only a handful of members present. Kit was brought out and walked to the far North West corner in the hope this might entice some more members to come up.

Simon Leeson and myself took the first launch, with an overcast sky the air was unsurprisingly still with very little in the way of lift or sink. This was not helped by constant lack of wind on the field. A few more flights and I was back in the air flying solo once again along with several other training flights. Sadly this did not last long and by around 12:30 a patch of cloud curtailed flying rather abruptly. An early lunch was called in the hope it would go away.
Well done Will - resolo after coming back from the dark side (power) (Will Stainer)
Sure enough to everyone's delight the sun started to poke through breaking up most of the cloud. Flying conditions greatly improved, this seemed to bring out more members and soon the launch point was packed full of eager pilots along with several Mile High Trial Lessons and the odd private glider. Both K21's the Perkoz and the Junior and the tug were all kept busy throughout the day. Geoff Lawrence continued his training towards solo Aerotow with Simon Leeson, whilst JB instructed the pre-solo pilots. 
Soaring conditions had not really improved with vast great blue patches, but at least the ground was not obscured by cloud anymore.  Towards the evening very few members remained so kit was flown back to the hangar. A big thank you to all members who helped out especially instructors Simon Leeson, James Flory and JB who ended up instructing all day. A very gloomy start to the day but those who waited were rewarded. - Will Stainer