Wed 18th April - Denbigh

Phil arrived towing JB’s glider, journeying via Essex for work related matters, and thus relieved JB of his seat in DD3. The day dawned cloudy but rain free with a strong Southerly wind. The tug tried a flight in the strong cross wind and decided it was not sensible to aerotow, which hampered those without engines. 
However Phil and Nick lined up DD3 for a winch launch and, starting the engine at the top of the launch, proceeded South to Denbigh where they contacted wave at 3,500ft. Initially it was quite strong but soon settled down to an average of 2-3 knots. They climbed to 6,000 ft then pushed forward to a view of Bala lake with a further climb to 12,000ft, and so forward again to Bala lake itself. Not easy with a 50 knot headwind. After a patient wait here they finally topped out at 15,500ft. Thus emboldened they decided to crab their way across wind to Dolgellau in the region of Barmouth a shallow Haven which they had both visited in their nautical days. This point claimed,  rounding Snowdon was of course mandatory. This was done from a comfortable height of 10,000ft or so. 
 (At the briefing the following morning we learnt the locals had airbraked down to peak height earlier in the day and flown back home from there!) Phil and Nick were happy to conserve their height and mop up a few more turning points before returning to Llewenni Parc for an interesting approach and landing to be enhanced by a glider being towed down the runway just as they were on finals!! Anyway they stayed mostly on the narrow runway only making a short excursion onto the forbidden grass. 
Magnificent view over the Lleynn Peninsula. Port Madoc, bottom right followed by Pwllheli, Abersoch and Bardsey Island beyond the end
The only other Nomad to venture forth was Wyn. In his usual enthusiastic manner he took advantage of an aerotow; (a few were taken later in the afternoon). Releasing at 4,500ft in W7 climbed to 5,500ft in wave and in his own words “I pushed out from there and lost it all to return to base from 18kms away on a marginal final glide”.
So a great day for the engines and disappointing for some. - Phil Morrison