Thurs 26th April

The forecast for Thursday suggested drier and less windy than Wednesday - but it wasn't! There were many showers in the local area, although only one crossed the airfield, and it was easy to stay airborne around them. The gusty 20kt westerly wind made it feel quite cold, but it was soarable from first to last launch.
Good air (Mike Sloggett)
There was a good mixture of soaring training and currency checks for the Thursday regulars keeping Pete Harmer, Chris Wool and Mike Sloggett busy all day. 
First to fly the Perkoz - Stu and Chris (Stu Procter)
Well done to Andrew Logan and George Sanderson for negotiating with CAA to get the Perkoz paperwork completed in time for the Open Day on Saturday. So today saw the first flights of our new Perkoz,  overseen by CFI Stu who had taken the day off specially. 

Perkoz - first landing (John Borland)
It was good to see some private owners out enjoying the local sporting conditions and with Pete Startup  in 230 completing 130kms turning Okehampton and Wellington, and Wyn Davies in W7 getting back from Crediton. 

At the end of the day Mike and Barbie had rigged the Pik and Mike enjoyed a late afternoon flight in wave under the approaching high cover. 

Thanks to Mark, (Simon & Rowan ) for fixing the DSGC webcams.
Simon Leeson all points east and west (Mark Courtney)
Thanks to everyone for mucking in and keeping everything running smoothly albeit a little frustrating for the early solo restricted pilots. - J&P