Sun 8th April - Portmoak

Pete Startup  in 230 sampled Portmoak's Bishop Hill on Saturday while the rest of the expedition drove up from Devon. Sunday dawned with light winds from the west and orographic cloud, but that burned off by mid-day with a promise of thermals and hopefully some ridge running. 
The Bishop appearing from the cloud (Simon Minson)
Simon Minson  in SM was first off, followed soon after by Ron & Dan in 711. CFI Stu in KMV and Tom in DG1 followed with aerotows, but only short flights. By early afternoon, we could see streets forming and there were several 'duvets' on the Bishop. 

Portmoak (Simon Minson)

Everyone continued a combination of thermal and ridge flying for the rest of the day. All in all, a good (though not great) day.
Snow still in Scotland (Simon Minson)
Sunday promised light easterly winds, plus rain showers, so instead of flying, we did the obligatory walk to the RSPB site. The forecast for this week convinced many to cancel their trip to the North. Likewise, several of those already here are heading home early.-Tom Sides