Sun 29th April

After the busy day at the Club yesterday, there were only a few members at the Club first thing braving the chilly North Easterly wind.The skies were as grey as forecast and although there were odd glimpses of blue sky here and there, there was little optimism of the conditions getting any better. However those present remained positive that with patience a few more members might turn up to allow some gliding to take place.

And by mid morning there were just enough people to allow us to get the ground equipment out and the winch run set up for launches to the North East corner of the airfield. Meanwhile with several instructors keen to fly the Perkoz a decision was made to get just the Perkoz and a K21 out of the hangar - with daily inspections of the gliders completed it was then a question of walking down to the South West corner of the airfield. Looking at the coats, hats and gloves being worn one would think it was December not April but soon it was on with the flying.
Gloomy towards Dunkeswell (Mike Sloggett)
Simon Leeson and Mike Sloggett both had the ‘fun’ of flying the Perkoz with Simon Minson who was clearly able to reach the yellow release knob in the front cockpit, providing Simon and Mike with the opportunity to land the Perkoz in different parts of the airfield.

Guy Adams then completed some training flights in the K21 to get David Cowley and Ross Pratt into the air whilst Simon and Mike switched to winching and cable/glider retrieve duties respectively.
New mower has been at work on North Hill airfield (Mike Sloggett)
Peter Warren then had some flights in the Perkoz with Simon Minson followed by Guy and  Simon Jordy - who, with no aerotows needed,  helped out on the ground commenting as he regularly retrieved the Perkoz that he was enjoying the opportunity to see different areas of grass. With everyone flown or about to fly in the Perkoz and the wind still chilly a decision was made to bring the day to an end so Chris Woodward and Mike flew the K21 home closely followed by the Perkoz.

A day where again patience was rewarded, thank you to everyone for the great teamwork which enabled others to fly. - Mike Sloggett