Sun 1st April

Having experienced less than spring like conditions over the last few days, (make that weeks) we were expecting a good few members at North Hill today, given a forecast with nearly no rain in it! However, given it was Easter it wasn’t too much of a surprise to find that the numbers were a little down; the draw of chocolate eggs was just too great.  Not deterred the Hangar was quickly unpacked with Mark Courtney, Mike Sloggett, Paul Summers and James Flory as the Easter instructors overseeing the proceedings. 
Wearing gloves to keep KEK shiny and clean (Mark Courtney)
The more observant soon noticed that we had an extra, very shinny K21 in the hangar - welcome back KEK! Thanks to Andrew Logan who duly confirmed all the paper work was in pace and carried out a thorough first DI. This completed both K21’s, the DG505 and a Junior were towed to the North West corner of the field ready to start flying. A brief discussion ensued as to whether the field was dry enough to winch launch. Simon Jordy, our duty tug pilot, eagerly awaited the words "aerotow only” but it was decided the field was up to winch launching, although it was very wet in places, can’t think why!

Mark and one of the instructors from Brentor, Peter then took the first aerotow in the DG505, possibly just to give Tuggie Simon something to do, but more specifically so that Peter could have a longer flight. It’s good to see the continued links with our friends from Brentor. James Flory and Mark Wallis then climbed into the gleaming interior of KEK, we did wipe our feet before getting in, ready for it’s first flight back at North Hill this year. After a quick discussion to check everything was fit to go KEK zoomed back into the skies above Devon. Needless to say it flew beautifully! 

Paul Summers flew with Poppy on her Trial lesson (Mark Courtney)
Paul Summers then flew with one of our new junior members Daniel and then went on to do two trial lesson flights. James then flew with Ellie Carter and Mike Rigby. Whilst Mike S flew with David Wojnar and Harry Rigby in HCX.  Mark then jumped, sorry slowly climbed into HCX  to fly with Ruth Comer. 

The Junior was gainfully employed with Chris Warnes, Paul Medlock, Mark Wallis and others all enjoying short but pleasant flights. And Eric Aston took a flight in the DG. It was great to welcome back Paul Kane, who enjoyed a hanger flight with James. Simon was kept busy during the day with a good number of aerotows. We did encounter a few problems with retrievals  with parts of the field resembling a bog, but this didn’t deter our intrepid Easter flyers.  
Harry Rigby disappears into the wheelbox (Mark Courtney)
 Thanks to Ellie, Mike, Andrew and Harry for their dedication in cleaning off the gliders and removing several pounds of grass and soil from the wheel fairings. Despite no signs of the Easter bunny or any chocolate we were rewarded with a Cheryl’s usual excellent selection of cakes just as the rain began to fall, again, over North Hill. 21 flights in total with 6 aerotows. Everyone who wanted to fly did and there were even a few thermals at the start of the day, so all in all a good Easter Day’s flying.  Thanks again to all who helped, especially those who got wet and muddy cleaning off the gliders! - James Flory