Thursday 15th March

With 30mm of rain yesterday, low cloud and a strong southerly, it was no surprise to those who drove through the floods to get to North Hill today that there was little chance of flying this week. 
The Wednesday regulars had completed the preparatory work of loading the newly-built parachute cupboard onto the trailer and it arrived at the club on Thursday morning.
Peter Smith with team of helpers (Peter Smith)

Peter Smith had not only designed and built it single-handed, but also had  a cunning plan for installation in the hangar using ropes, tractors and pulleys. 
Installation plan (Mike Sloggett)

So without very much blood, sweat or tears, the parachute cupboard was  installed in position.

Good job, well done, thanks to all the helpers and especially to Peter Smith (now moving on to the next project.) - J&P