Sunday 4th March

Following the Beast from the East combining with Storm Emma there was some work to be done at North Hill.
Temperature plunges at North Hill (Weather Station)

Looking like a scene from a Christmas carol, or at least the aftermath, a few intrepid explorers arrived at the club with the aim of extricating our DG505 from the hanger to get it into the workshop for the Annual inspection. The task was made harder by the snow covering the concrete pan in front of the hanger, nothing that a little muscle couldn’t fix! 
Andrew Logan and Glenn Turpin get stuck in clearing the pan (James Flory)

Following a few heavy showers the hanger was duly unpacked and James Flory, Pete Startup and Andrew Logan escorted the DG down to the workshop. Alan Turner and Phil Grant had also braved the conditions to complete the polishing of CYA following it’s annual. With CYA safely removed from the workshop, the DG was de-rigged and moved in and Andrew and Pete started the dismantling  ready for Carl Tharme to do the annual.  Meanwhile Stu Proctor and Ian Mitchell investigated the water leak above the showers in the Ground hangar. Stu found the culprit, a ruptured T junction. Sadly looks like some work will be needed to fix the showers ceiling and to allow the electrics to dry out. 
The Clubhouse still has a roof! (James Flory)

As we left the skies were blue with some inviting fluffy white clouds, but the field will take a good few days to recover. There was a river running down the main track, made a nice noise; perhaps we should have a permanent water features as part of the club house refurbishment?  Most of the field was either covered in snow or standing water, roll on the spring! 
Trailers all safe (James Flory)
Thanks to all who turned up and helped. - James F