Sun 25th March

It was a busy day at the Club, with a long members flying list, some cross-country mentoring from Ron Johns, some Brentor Instructor Training with Simon Minson, first flyable Trial lessons for ages, the Pawnee back in action and only 2 two-seaters available, but thanks to Nick Jones who volunteered DD3 to help out. 

We started the day with a flat tailwheel  tyre on the DG 505 ...leaving us with one, two-seater but things improved. The wind didn't listen to the forecast which was supposed to be west of north...of course it was east so a set up in the SW corner was made. The Flying list was over 17 and with only two gliders it was going to be challenging but help soon arrived with duo DD3 kindly lent to the training fleet for the day and ably flown by JB and Phil.

Wave was contacted by Duty Instructor Ron Johns with Paul Medlock, who incidentally is one of the first guinea pigs in the cross-country mentoring scheme. Paul received a few hints on recognising, contacting and monitoring the wave lift. Later in the day a meeting was held briefing the objectives behind the scheme.

We said goodbye to our last K13 as R37 set off for Mendip Gliding Club, and it is certainly a milestone for the Club now having a completely glass fleet.

R37 sets off for Mendip Gliding Club (Robert Lee)
Ron managed to find some wave in the morning, but there was over-development and spreadout at lunchtime. 
Spooky clouds (Ron Johns)

Pete Startup 230 and Wyn Davies W7 enjoyed the late afternoon conditions.
Improving conditions (Ron Johns)
Pete's flight-  "Late clearance in Devon. Not even soarable until after 3 and the good air arrived even later but by 5 it was great! Boundaries of this small local task largely dictated by sea air from Bridgwater Bay to the North, Chard on the edge of it and Taunton being well into it and taking more than one attempt to get to. Not what we hoped for but glad in the end to get something out of the day. Had the Wynster in W7 for company."

230 & W7 ready to go (Wyn Davies)
Wyn's flight  - "Short cross country flight. After a previous attempt or 2 we set off cautiously to the east. 230 turned Chard and Axminster, while W7 made it to AXM and called it a day. The sky got better as we came back to NH and a push  to the north got 230 to Taunton and back. Fantastic clear sky following the rather overcast morning."