Wednesday 21st February

A nice sunny start to the day although the forecast was for overcast conditions, the wind was from the East and was quite fresh so plenty of warm clothes was the order of the day.
All available gliders were walked up to the S/W corner, we had Mike Sloggett helping us, because we had three Brentor members with us again. Mike and John Sillett looked after them and John Street and Glenn Turpin looked after the rest.
Jeff Taberham getting ready to fly (John Street)
Both Juniors were in use all day, everyone flew as much as they wanted and the tug was kept busy with Robert and Pete Warren taking turns with the aerotows.
There was little in the way of lift, although a little bit of wave was encountered to the North of the airfield, after lunch it was a bit thermic with a few flights managing a bit of soaring, John Street had the longest flight of 32min in a Junior.
New shiny mower (Robert Lee)
The new shiny mower was delivered ready for the grass to grow. Trimax representatives will return to brief those who do the mowing on daily servicing and operation in the field.

All in all a good day and not quite so cold as some had been expecting. - John Street.