Sunday 11th February

After yet another poor weather day on Saturday, (I make that about 5 in a row), the weather looked a little more promising for Sunday. However, as the day dawned it soon became apparent that we were going to be blessed with regular snowy showers in the blustery cold northwesterly wind.  

Not deterred a band of committed aviators still arrived at the club, although once again the instructor to club member ratio was pretty high. The field was still very wet after Saturday’s rain so Simon Minson our Duty Instructor decided on an aerotow only day; at least Ian Mitchell as the duty tug pilot was smiling even if the Treasurer probably wasn’t! 
CB's blowing through (Mike Sloggett)
Both the DG505 and K21 were taken out of the hangar and the LPV was set up just outside of the hangar. However, the snowy showers intervened and the first launch was delayed. Soon after though, we were able to launch three flights in-between the showers. These were all supervised by Martin Woolner, Mike Sloggett and Simon Minson in the back seat in the blue card conditions. 
Cloud shadow crossing North Hill (Mike Sloggett)
 Geoff Laurence was able to continue his aerotow sign-off and Richard Copus enjoyed good flights with the ridge working well. In the meantime the Junior FZF was escorted down to the workshop and de-rigged ready for it’s Annual. 
Snow shower over Blackborough (James Flory)
 A further band of snowy showers then stopped play and everyone retreated to the club house to refuel on tea. Looking at the weather radar there looked like one more chance to get airborne and James Flory and Martin Woolner stepped forward. The resulting aerotow was bumpy over the north west corner of the field but we were greeted by significant lift as Ian towed the K21 skyward. 
Aerotow towards the lift (James Flory)
On release Martin and James then managed to find lift ahead of the next band of showers. Unfortunately though the weather didn’t want to play ball for long and as the snow shower headed towards the field Martin and James took the safe option and airbraked down from 2200 feet to land across the field, just as the snow shower began to reach the field.

Only 4 flights today, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed their air time with everyone who wanted to fly being able to go home with a smile on their face. Surely the weather must start to get better shortly! But as always unless you turn up you’ll never know. - James Flory