Saturday 24th February

Great news from snowy Poland, where Ian Mitchell and Stu Procter are checking out our shiny new Perkoz.
Not long now... (Stu Procter)
To say that it was cold at North Hill today would be something of an understatement.  The dozen or so members who arrived to fly in the morning were heard to be questioning their own sanity.  Nevertheless this hardy bunch dragged a K21 and a Junior to the south west corner of the airfield, and anyone who wasn't inside an aircraft or a vehicle huddled in the shelter of the LPV.  At least it was sunny.
Simon and Oscar Leeson in wave (Simon Leeson)
Winch launches offered extended circuits with tantalizing hints of wave.  Roly in the Junior, having achieved the longest flight off the winch with 24 minutes, decided he hadn't quite had his fill and took an aerotow.  Martin Woolner with Ruth Comer,  followed by Simon Leeson with Oscar in the K21 followed suit.  The wave had indeed set up to the north west of the club, but kept repositioning itself so the search had to repeated over and over.  Good for practising and actually quite pleasantly warm with the sun shining through the canopy.  It's going to get even colder next week.... Ruth Comer
North Hill sunset (Simon Leeson)
We welcomed Daniel to the Club - two years after his initial introduction to gliding at Open Weekend, having grown tall enough to reach the rudder pedals and start his training.  Thanks to those who stayed to help fix the puncture from the K21 hangar flight.

RT Training (Jill Harmer)
In the Clubhouse, there was another session of RT training for a group of members given by Simon Baily. And Nick Jones and James Flory attended the regional CFI / Safety session at Yeovilton.