Thursday 23rd November - bright 'n breezy

Bright and breezy from the off the conditions were forecast for the wind to increase with associated gusts around lunchtime so bit of a blue card day. We had a WSW wind of 20kts gusting 30 which abated to around 12-15kts as the afternoon wore on with just one or two rogue showers thrown in. Despite this it was actually soarable in very broken thermals which allowed for most of the 15 flights to extend their air time. Pete Startup hogged the air for an hour over lunchtime in FZF (longest flight of the day) and was heard muttering "Should've rigged blah, blah, blah".
Soarable - broken thermals -possible wave rotor (Peter Smith)

All available gliders were out today including LRD which was rigged and flown by Pete Harmer.
LRD back online (Dave Clements)

Andy Davey enjoyed some stalling and spinning fun with Woolly on the only aerotow of the day.
Great sky and good visibility (Mike Sloggett)
Mitch did some more work on HCX to get it back in service asap and Pete Smith galvanised a team of drain warriors to clean out the guttering in front of the hangar.
A long while since KEK has been in the trailer (Mike Horwood)
 Finally KEK was cleaned inside and out then de-rigged for the long haul to Poland tomorrow - best wishes to Mike and John for the trip ahead.- Pete Startup