Wednesday 25th October - Juniors at Long Mynd

The forecast for Wednesday looked fairly dismal, so we decided to enjoy our evening and watched a few films in the briefing room. On Wednesday morning, however, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the forecast for Wednesday could not have been very much more wrong and we were greeted with 10-15kt WSW winds, with a fairly clear sky! 
A great start to the day (Ross Pratt)
 We had a decent breakfast and went out to get gliders rigged and ready to fly.Simon in ASW20 ENW, and Oscar and Mark in DG505 JZK definitely got the best of the weather. The sun came out and the hot air began to rise. Combined with the decent westerly winds, the ridge was working very well.
On the retrieve winch (Mike Sloggett)
At around 2, Steve de-rigged his Discus and said farewell as he had to return home. Although, he didn’t make it very far before problems arose: The front door on his trailer was not shut properly and his trestles fell out somewhere between the Mynd and Church Stretton… We will keep an eye out for them tomorrow.
The Long Mynd (Mike Sloggett)
As the light, and wind, began to slowly deteriorate, Charlie and Reuben enjoyed the final flights of the day, while the rest of us packed the Mynd gliders into the hangar and got the DSGC gliders De-rigged.
Paul Summers got into some wave (Paul Summers)
Even as it began to get dark, we managed to find time to fly a few models off the ridge, until the rest of the light was gone.
What's going on at the Mynd? Spot the Gliders (Mark Layton)
As no evening meal is served at the Mynd on Wednesdays, a small group of adults kindly decided to drive down to Church Stretton to get a selection of meals from the Fish and Chip shop. (Thanks Guys!)

All in all, a very successful and enjoyable day, with only a few minor mishaps (and lost trestles)and we hope that the rest of the week goes the same. - Oscar Leeson