Wednesday 11th October - Portmoak

It was a wet start, with horizontal drizzle at times, but it was forecast to go through by lunchtime. As the Bishop gradually became visible, the gliders were prepared for the afternoon flying. 
Woolly's gone native (Ron Johns)
 Wyn was on the front of the queue in W7,  followed by Ron and Woolly in 711 and Pete Startup in 230. They had an extended period of avoiding the orographic clouds before the bright sunshine turned up and the Bishop got quite busy  with everyone up to 2000ft. 
It wasn't working! (Wyn Davies)
Some storm clouds passed by and late in the afternoon, the best we could make was 3000ft. 
Loch Leven (Jill Harmer)
So a little disappointing that no decent wave appeared, but the ridge and Loch Leven looked beautiful in the clear air. - J&P