Thursday 12th October

A weather forecast of good flying conditions all day ensured that the list was rather full before 8:30 with a variety of training and card checks being requested by the members present alongside the completion of some solo flying to maintain currency. Fortunately the Duty Instructor team had also seen the weather forecast so the hangar doors were open well before 9 and all the Club gliders brought out and canopies cleaned in and amongst the completion of daily inspections of the gliders.

Whilst there was little wind of any direction or strength at the start of the day with the forecast being for the wind to be South Westerly as the day progressed a decision was made for the launch point to be set up in the North East corner of the field. With a keen and enthusiastic group of members all demonstrating great teamwork to get everything ready to go it was not long before flying could start.

A quick group discussion was completed to work out a plan for the morning's flying which included allocating the K21 and K13 for solo flying to complement the Junior being available for same. And then it was all systems go with the Instructors having various levels of "fun" with training and card check duties. Flying continued throughout the morning, lunch was called at 1 when everyone stopped, took on board food and drink (non alcoholic) and then it was on with some more flying in the afternoon.
Lining up (Mike Sloggett)
Just before lunch at one stage there were four gliders making use of the sporadic thermals around the airfield with John Borland completing a soaring flight of 45mins in K13 (R37). The day saw Mark Courtney completing some aerotows and then changing hats to help Pete Smith and Mike Sloggett with the instructing duties. And slowly but surely the flying list was worked through until by just before 6 everyone had flown.
North Hill (Mike Sloggett)
Well done to Dave Cowley who has been 'signed off' as a winch driver and to Hans Jenssen who (after offering Mike Sloggett the opportunity to 'throw anything at him') made good progress towards his Red Card and as part of same continued his winch driver training.

During the day we welcomed Roger Spall, visiting from Canada, and also Gordon Hodgson, a friend of Ian Hunt, who had his first glider flight for many years and said the winch launch was still just as "interesting" (translated from his actual words on the launch!)

Well Done everyone for great teamwork on what was the second Thursday of flying in October - can we make it three in a row next Thursday? - Mike Sloggett