Saturday 14th October - Denbigh

Tom and Pete departed Portmoak early in the morning in the hope of flying at LLeweni Parc later that same day. On arrival at Lleweni Parc at about 11 am they found W7 Wyn was already airborne. It was a move that proved worthwhile as in the brisk SW wind the wave was working well. Straight from the winch (no need to run to the ridge first), wave was contacted behind the airfield.
Lleweni Parc form W7 (Wyn Davies)

It wasn't truly epic wave in terms of lift rate. rarely more than 2 - 2.5 knots, but was consistent. Pete 230 eventually reached the dizzy height 17,000ft  using some of the height to do a tour of the local lakes, Tom 8,000ft and Wyn 9,000ft. Wyn also managed to use some of this height to complete the standard 140km Denbigh ridge task. A second attempt later in the day resulted in a field landing as the wind had backed off the ridge and it wasn't working too well. Thanks to 3 guys from the Kent GC for the retrieve.

Approaches and landings provided quite a spectacle for those on the ground watching as the wave rotor sat over the airfield and made for a wild ride - not so much fun for those doing the flying though! - Pete Startup and Tom Sides