Wednesday 6th September - Course week

The forecast for Wednesday was for the weather to be the best day of the week and so with great expectations there was plenty of enthusiasm to get things going and there was quite a queue in the club line with several private gliders, two club Juniors and the K13.
A good line of Wednesday flyers (John Street)
The wind was a brisk northwesterly and cloud base at about 2,000ft, the September course K21s were first away and had mixed success to start with but soon began to stay up.
Pete Startup, Andrew Logan, Nigel, JB, Barbie and Simon Minson all flew their own gliders and all had good flights,
Pete landed out at Smeatharpe whilst attempting the Club 100......
"Round TIV and picked up a great convergence which I ran for 33km without stopping towards CRK. But then the convergence stopped and so did the sky. Backtracked to Chard where I picked up a climb and it looked better towards CRK by then so tried again. Got rained on 5km from turnpoint so went for home by which time the sky had stopped giving and ended up landing out at Smeatharpe."
A late convergence (John Street)
Both Juniors were kept busy all day and Pete Warren made good use of the K13, a large convergence set up  about 5.00pm and both course K21s spent about an hour in it kept company by Mike and Barbie, Mike in a Junior and Barbie in the Pik, they all landed about 6.00pm or just after. - John Street.

Course blog
A great day for the Course! Early low cloud dispersed rapidly, and we managed to get the first flight off before 0930. Everyone managed some soaring, with the ridge providing feeble support, and the occasional thermal bubbling up in the afternoon. One cable break; possibly instructor error, but we know that never happens at DSGC, so Rob Rankin takes the blame! John Sillett and Paul C had a very long day, but the reward was in the buoyant mood of the course members as we put the gliders to bed as the sun was going down. Tomorrow OK, but Friday looks bad; so a good day today was very welcome. Downside? Failing to see Pete Startup after his safe land out; apparently this has happened before, proving that the lift Gods occasionally tease even their favourite sons! -CC