Wednesday 20th September

For once the weather was quite mild and fairly sunny when the gliders were pulled out of the hanger, we set up for a southwesterly wind and there were quite a lot of members today - maybe because of Thursday's forecast?
John Street does a bit of gardening (Mike Sloggett)
By the time we were ready to fly the wind had freshened, the first few flights found reasonable lift on the South ridge mixed with a bit of thermal, Mike Fitz and John Street kicked off with two good soaring flights.
Peter Field was doing card checks in the short wing DG505 and Mike Sloggett who was standing in for John Sillett was also giving card checks with George.
There was a trial lesson done by Peter Field, the Tuggie was Peter Warren who then went on to spend 40min on the South ridge in the Junior.
Break for lunch (John Street)
After lunch the cloud base was rapidly descending, Dave Clements and Rick both wanted card checks but the rain came in and put a stop to that exercise, unfortunately some members didn't get to fly as the rain looked if it was in for the day. - John Street