Wednesday 13th September

Another Wednesday another lousy forecast so little hope of flying, the trial lessons were cancelled, hardly any members turned up.  But then there was a glimmer of hope - the strong Westerly was right down the field and members started to drift in and the sun was trying to come out so we decided to get both K21s out and and set up the field for N/W launches.
At about midday Pete Warren and George took the first launch and radioed down that he was in good lift, John Street and William soon joined him, the only problem was a line squall spreading from the north west.  The lift ahead of the squall was off the clock which is usual in these conditions - but before the rain arrived - airbrakes open and on the ground ASAP.
Cloud Street shadow looking east (John Street)
 An early lunch was the order of the day, after lunch a weather check at the end of the field looked as if there was going to be more rain.But before people started to drift away I did another weather check and the prospects looked much better, the next problem was to prize people out of the comfort of the clubhouse and onto the very cold airfield.
Geoff flying up the cloud street (John Street)
 Pete Startup saw the wisdom of the flying possibilities and started to rig his Discus and reaching Tiverton - quite an achievement in the strong wind. After such a poor start to the day the afternoon produced some excellent conditions with abundant thermals, cloud streets and ridge lift. Most of the flights airbraked down, and on the last flight of the day there was  some wave just to round the day off. - John Street