Thursday 21st September

We were expecting a morning of rain but apart from a couple of heavy bursts there wasn't a lot, but the southerly wind was a bit gusty. Whilst John Borland gave an extended weather briefing for everyone and completing his sign off for Bronze, we were able to watch the passing of the cold front which matched the theory exactly!

After an early lunch, the wind had gone round to north west, the low cloud cleared and the overhanging high cloud was moving through nicely. There were some lowish thermals forming on the ridge, and on the first mile high aerotow there was even a call for some wave at the quarry, so soon there was an empty launchpoint. 
Empty launch point (Jill Harmer)
The 3 Trial lessons were all able to enjoy the crystal clear air behind the cold front and John Borland had the longest flight in the Junior of just over the hour. But everyone enjoyed some soaring, so patience was rewarded on a very pleasant September afternoon. Thanks to Robert Lee for standing in tugging for Mark - J&P