The flights of t’Eagle & d’Discus

an Ode by Phil & Gill Morrison; on a train to London, September 2017

t'Eagle heading across the Humber (John Pursey)

At the briefing they said, “‘twould be thermic”,
with clouds all puffy and white.
Hot ships would have to go later
but t’Eagle should take the first flight.

Now ’Eagle has seen many summers
and has soared in many a sky
Her beauty and grace are a legend
and her pilots both eager to fly.

Alas, age has sapped her performance,
compared to more modern machines,
but her pilots were emboldened and daring
and fixated on winning it seems.

Then launching by ‘tuggies was started,
as soon as the sky looked just right,
all those who were waiting and gridded
were eager to start on their flight.

The ‘Eagle, in Mustard White livery
had only just vanished from view,
whilst the others in rapid succession
were all being launched, two by two.

Her “groundies”, still flustered and sweaty
from just having rigged the damn thing,
watched ‘launches, then went for a shower……
...‘Twas then the phone started to ring.

The task ‘twas six places to visit.
Scattered all over the weald
but ’Eagle made barely a couple
before she were down in a field.

Latest addition to the Morrison flight crew (Gill Morrison)
Meanwhile, d’Discus’s pilots,
aloft in their glassfibre ship,
were circling high over Scunthorpe;
not worried one little bit.

They pressed on regardless to Gainsborough,
down Valley of Trent as thee know.
But by now ‘top cover were showing;
‘twould soon be the end of the show.

At ’turnpoint it became quite apparent;
the ground seeming awfully near,
that, without hesitation or slacking,
toward home they needed to steer.

Our boys turned back with reluctance
to a small patch of light near the fell.
By now ‘land were covered in shadow
and Scunthorpe looked darker than hell

But failing to make upward progress
their decision ‘came perfectly clear
and by pushing buttons and switches
an engine was made to appear.

They figured, by way of excuses,
that ‘twas certainly bound to transpire
their bodies would surely be needed
to get ’Eagle out of the mire.

On landing back on the airfield
with runways so welcome and clear
They found ’Eagle…..already nested,
so they opened a bottle of beer.