Tuesday 22nd August - Course week

The second day of the Course Week saw low cloud drifting across the airfield but with a positive weather forecast the gliders were brought out of the hangar and based on the forecast wind direction the launch point was set up in the North West corner of the airfield.
The Northwest corner of the airfield (Mike Sloggett)
With a brightening sky and suggestions of cloudbase improving both K21s, a Junior and the DG1001 demonstrator were walked down to the launch point where it became clear that the cloudbase was still too low to enable flying to start for the day so it was a return to the Clubhouse for some briefings on winch launching and launch failures.

And then with the cloudbase much improved it was time to return to the launch point and start the day's flying.

And then it was a day of continuous flying of both Course members and also Club members taking the opportunity to fly in the DG1001 demonstrator.
DG1001 Neo Demonstrator (Mike Sloggett)

The wind direction and strength allowed the South ridge to work in places albeit not very strong and providing the opportunity for pilots to test their skills at extending the time of their winch launches suitably.

With a freshening Southerly wind by late afternoon all the Course members had flown so  the Club gliders were put away for the day whilst the Club members continued to fly the DG1001 on into the evening. - Mike Sloggett