Thursday 24th August - Course week

Day 4 of the course dawned with promise of a better day. But once again the weather gods had other plans; we’re obviously not talking to the right people when it comes to booking the weather. Despite this the equipment was soon made ready and launch line was set up ready to go. 
Not quite overcast (Mike Sloggett)
Rick Andrews continued to enjoy flights in the Junior whilst Mark and Martin Woolner continued with Mark’s training, having already began to master landings. Mike Sloggett and Mark Courtney meanwhile had taken a metaphorical hacksaw to the DG 505 wingtips and replaced them with the stumpy training tips with the idea of trying the DG for training; this was after Martin, George Sanderson and Graham Hawker all did their bit to replace a deflating tail wheel. The DG was then brought on line and mixed in with the K21’s and K13 to be used for training. Without it’s go further wing tips it blended in quite well. Graham Hawker and Martin then leapt forward to start to us the new clipped wing beast. 
A bit nose heavy with Graham and Mark (Mark Layton)
James Flory and Ross also enjoyed a number of really good flights as did several others. All in all not a bad training machine! The weather progressively improved through the day with conditions becoming quite soar-able  as afternoon progressed.  Meanwhile the rest of the course kept the K21 and Junior busy and Simon enjoyed another flight in his ASW15.  Overall another good day despite a few early dark clouds and some damp stuff. -James Flory

The Thursday regulars got on with a few jobs this morning, assisted with the DG505 tailwheel, changed both winch cables, changed the oil in the tractor, and then it was time to go flying, working round the two-seaters that were being used for Course flying. There was variable success with soaring as the conditions changed during the day. 

Ray Dodd passed his Bronze exam, and then followed that with a navigation exercise with Pete Harmer in the Rotax Falke. James Smart and Ian Mitchell flew in with a Jodel for tea. 
Jodel D112 (Jill Harmer)
Tom Sides and Peter Smith supervised the delivery and installation of the new Avgas tank.
Positioning the new tank (Tom Sides)
 In the evening the Course members enjoyed the Course Dinner at the Hare and Hounds near Honiton. - J&P