Sunday 20th August

The weather forecast was rather pessimistic for today but a few members turned up at the Club, primarily to fulfil their duty instructor and launch marshall duties.

With rain evident on the weather radar the decision was made to get flying as soon as possible in the expectation that rain would arrive later in the day. Both K21s and a Junior were brought out of the hangar as well as the Pawnee.

And under a grey sky with threatening rain clouds some check/training flights in the K21s, some Junior flights, a Trial Lesson and a Friends and Family flight were all completed by just before midday - and then the light drizzle rain arrived as forecast.

With an element of optimism an early lunch break was taken but as the afternoon unfolded it became evident that it was time to put the gliders and ground equipment away before even heavier rain arrived as forecast it would. Still some flights completed which is good for Spring, oh wait a minute it is supposed to be Summer.. - Mike Sloggett