Saturday 26th August

A beautiful summers day for a change and the sky looked good. Several set off on cross-country flights, Simon Minson SM, Pete Startup 230, Mike Fairclough DFK and Paul Medlock HMS (attempting 50K), also Peter Smith flew 1UP and had a nice long flight.
Peter in 1UP enjoying some local soaring with a late evening cloud (Peter Smith)
 Pete and Jill took the Falke for a cruise .....
Nice and easy to spot MUD (Jill Harmer)
.... and VG was aired again with William and Heather.
Pete and Simon completed Wilton, Cerne Abbas for 200Kms. Paul landed near Sutton Bingham, and Mike landed near Ilminster.
Paul missed the Silver distance but picked a nice field in Ryme Intrinseca
Probably because it was a Bank Holiday weekend there was only 1 student on the flying list so he had John Sillett's undivided attention and in the early evening he enjoyed his first solo flight, well done to James Price who has recently returned to North Hill.
Congratulations to James Price (John Sillett)
In the morning, the Falke was busy with Mark Courtney and Ray Dodd practicing field landings and Roly was as usual taking trial lesson customers to the moon and back!

I flew Alex this evening, who came to have a look at gliding, he used to fly Microlights, I think he is converted and has expressed an interest in joining the Club.
Nice day out for all who were here, roll on tomorrow! - Lisa