Saturday 19th August

Another busy day at the club, weather wasn't fantastic but hey, its August what do you expect! James Flory having received his BGA paperwork launched into full instructor mode today and John Sillett covered the afternoon shift for Phil Morrison who was having fun in Pocklington, Matt Williamson flew all of the trial lessons today in the K13, yes that's right the K13!!!! 
North Hill Airfield (Lisa Humphries)
I got back into the back seat with proper instructing today and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Pete Startup rigged his Discus and  flew longer than anyone else 2 hours -as expected, Ron and James took the ASH25 for a spin, VG was aired and the Cub flew in with Mike and Barbie in the evening.
Tricky for soaring sky (Lisa Humphries)
Everyone flew - even William Stainer who despite turning up very early this morning managed to put his name at the bottom of the list as he thought it was the gentlemanly thing to do, he will learn! All in all a nice day at the Club!- Lisa Humphries
Nice field (Simon Minson)
and the DG505 was at The Park on the ICL, watched on Spot the Gliders  with Simon Minson and Pete Bennett, 166kms and landed just 8kms short. Well done Team.