Saturday 12th August

The day started quietly, with club members almost outnumbered by our guests from Kestrel Gliding Club, who were bright-eyed and keen to soar the Devon skies even after a night under canvas.  Flying started at around 10:00 with Karen King and Martin Woolner in the K21, whilst Peter Field showed Noah (Kestrel GC) what North Hill looked like from a K13.  Unfortunately, after only a few flights a halt was called to allow a rain band to pass through.
The Clubhouse began to fill – numbers swelled by a family from Cornwall who had braved the traffic on the A30, and were looking forward to their four booked trial flights including one “mile-high”. Disappointingly, low cloud continued to drag over the airfield, but at last the sky brightened in the north-west, and flying began again at around 1200.
Ellie grasped the opportunity of having her feet temporarily on the ground to get signed off for the winch.  Peter Bennett enjoyed flying Matt Williamson’s ASW-20.
When I left the club at around 1400 (Duty Grand-dad) the sky was looking good; two aero-tows had just whisked two Cornishmen into the sky, and there were smiles all round on the faces of our visitors.
The flight-log shows 48 flights for the day, despite the delayed start.  Longest flight went to Jeff Taberham in the Mosquito, who flew for 2 hrs 20 min after a 2000ft aero-tow. - Aston Key