Monday 7th August - Course week

First day of the first of the August Courses but it was damp and drizzly with a front sitting over Devon.
Following the normal introductions we talked quite a lot about the weather, but we also covered the mass of Red Arrows (and others) notams. Pete refreshed Adam and Hannah on winch launching (5 years since their previous course at North Hill), and Woolly went through a DI demonstration.
Checking out the Clubhouse roof (Lukasz Kieruczenko)
There was a short improvement in the damp stuff after lunch, and a check on the cloudbase was made using a drone (more fun than a weather flight). 
Cloudbase was low (Lukasz Kieruczenko)
Late on,......
Cherry picker for site maintenance (Nick Jones)

Reuben got checked out for picking cherries?......J&P