Monday 21st August - Course week

Those arriving early at the Club found mist and low cloud, but with every expectation that the sun would soon start to burn through and see clearer skies as a result - well that is what all the forecasters were saying would happen...

And that is exactly what happened - as the Course briefing was coming to an end there were glimpses of the sunshine and evidence of an increasingly improving sky above and around the airfield. Both K21s, the DG505 and a Junior were brought out of the hangar and the launch point set up in the North East corner of the airfield.

Meanwhile the DG1001 demonstrator was getting lots of interest from members and was soon rigged and also taken to the launch point.
Form an orderly queue for DG1001
Mid-morning, the first launch of the day saw a K21 not achieve full launch height due to low cloud so a coffee break was called for.
Blue skies (Mike Sloggett)
And patience was rewarded within a short while with full launch height being achieved and then it was a day of continuous flying by both the Course members and various other Club members taking the opportunity to fly in the DG1001.
DG1001 on aerotow (Mike Sloggett)
Late afternoon with all the Course members having flown and made good progress with their objectives for the week all the Club gliders were put back in to the hangar - whilst the DG1001 continued to be flown well into the evening to make good use of the glider whilst it is with the Club. - Mike Sloggett