Wednesday 12th July

The forecast for Wednesday was for a much fresher weather than of late and it certainly started that way most people had coats on and only the most hardy of individuals  (John Sillett) was wearing shorts.
Warm jackets needed (John Street)
The wind was northeasterly so it was up to the southwest corner the wind was quite strong and gusting so we started with a blue card. Eric Alston, Pete Startup and Tim Johns needed some encouragement to rig their gliders, but in the event they were quite glad they did the forecast indicated that the wind would drop and the conditions would improve and that is exactly what happened.
There were some achievements today Chris Warnes had his first solo one hour in the Junior, James Smart was converted to the Junior and Reuben Buss had over one hour of thermal flying under his belt that he found quite useful.
All the private gliders had good soaring flights and Robert Lee flew the Tug.
At the end of the day we were entertained by the Perkoz demonstrator giving us some very interesting flying. - John Street