Thursday 6th July

Please see Competition Enterprise Blog Day 5.

Today was another opportunity for Club members to be able to see a wide variety of single seater and two seater gliders at North Hill for Competition Enterprise. 

The daily briefing saw Club members listen in to the stories of flights completed yesterday and also the task set for today, in and amongst NOTAM and Met briefings.

It was clear from the forecast weather that there were unlikely to be many Competition gliders launching before lunch so Club members took a K21, Junior and the DG505 out of the hangar, completing duly inspections on the gliders so that as and when the Competition gliders launched Club members could use any spare tug capacity.
Grid squat (Marc Corrance)
And then it was a question of being patient with Club members spending their time admiring the gliders on the launch grid whilst also thinking of as many ways as possible if being to afford them!

And then with the first Competition glider launching at just after 1 and in turn reporting good thermals the calm tranquility of the sunny  airfield was soon replaced with the sound
of 5 tugs steadily working their way through the launch grid - and soon members were bringing the Club gliders on to the launching area.
Club flying after the grid launches (Mike Sloggett)
For some members it was a question of maintaining currency on aerotows, for some it was a continuation of training and for some it was an opportunity to be launched by a tug aircraft other than the Pawnee, good experience all round. - Mike Sloggett