Friday 14th July - Perkoz day

James and I opened up before 9:00 today and quickly set up for the aerotow. First to arrive were  Bernd Hager owner of the Allstar PZL company and the demonstrator Perkoz and the Polish aerobatic champion and test pilot, Michal Ombach.

Soon members trickled in and the first tow was at 10:00. It was a grey day to start but soon developed into a nice looking sky.
Lisa preparing to go inverted (Mark Courtney)
Instructors flew first with Michal, the test pilot and then carried on instructing with our members.
Wooly looking delighted after his flight (Mark Courtney)

The build quality of this aircraft is superb,it has been closely looked at by our inspectors and been given a thumbs up.
James Hood preparing for his first flight (Mark Courtney)
The tug was on the go continuously with tug pilots swapping between Perkoz and Pawnee.
JB and Rowan try out the little wings (Mark Courtney)
Everyone who flew the Perkoz seemed very impressed, comfortable light controls and simply superb handling. Despite looking like a large aircraft similar to the DG it handles like a single seater.

Even Captain Slow aka Pete Startup was impressed with the way the aircraft handles, I have to admit that I had to discourage him on numerous occasions from heading off to Exmoor!

I would encourage everyone to take advantage over the weekend of the free winch launch or reduced price aerotow , have a fly of this next generation Polish glider and provide some feedback to the Club. - Mark Courtney