Wednesday 7th December

The weather was more like early spring than mid-December, this encouraged a good turnout. As the gliders were taken out of the hanger there was quite a condensation problem, after the di's were done we had to wait for the canopies to clear.
After much polishing the canopies stayed clear Mike Fitz & John Street were first off to a quite robust launch, the wind at ground level was about 10kt southwesterly but at the top of the launch the wind veered to a westerly and a wind speed of over 40kt, this gave us some interesting launches to good heights.
Spring-like weather (John Street)
There was obviously some wave in action with lots of lenticulars about but mostly out of reach although some flights managed bits of smooth air -  but nothing you could climb in.
Wavey sky (John Street)
Pete Warren was tuggie and managed six aerotows after much soliciting - but none of them contacted wave, Robert didn't have the longest flight today this honour went to Roly with 31min but that was with an aerotow! Mike Fitz managed 23min with a winch launch in some kind of wave lift.
Mike Fitz getting ready to fly (John Street)
 The canopy misting problem returned at about 3:30pm, but by this time everyone had flown, at close of play all the gliders were washed and cleaned ready for the BGA audit visit. - John Street