Sunday 4th December

Sunday's good weather forecast, albeit predicting a cold and fresh Easterly wind, saw a small but enthusiastic group of members arrive at the Club keen to make the most of the day.

Both K21s, the DG505 and a Junior were taken out of the hangar whilst both winches were prepared for use on what was being called SupaCat Sunday.
Clear blue sky (Mike Sloggett)
The launch point was initially set up in the South West corner and with an immediate Blue Card recognising the wind direction and strength.

There was optimism that there might be wave lift to the West of the field nearer the motorway with a plan to fly the DG505 downwind to see if  there was any wave 'back there' and with a retrieve crew being organised 'just in case'.

Meanwhile the first launch of the day was a K21 to primarily complete a weather check flight but after a launch to 1500' in the fresh Easterly it was evident that there was wave lift already in existence to the East of the Club.

The wave lift was not particularly strong but more than sufficient to provide flights for as long as people wanted - as ever in the spirit of teamwork and so that everyone could have the fun of trying to find and then stay in the wave, training flights were generally kept to no more than half an hour.

Part-way through the day the SupaCat was brought into use and with suitable feedback on launch speeds, either post launch or through 'too fast signals', overall everyone seemed pretty happy with the launches provided by the SupaCat and it's drivers (well done all involved).

Just after lunch a decision was made to change sides in terms of the launch point and winch positions and even though the wind had changed slightly in direction and speed it was evident that the wave was continuing in various parts of the sky around the field.
North Hill (Mike Sloggett)
As ever patience was needed in looking for same and some flights were successful in finding wave during the afternoon and some were not.

With canopies misting and with the sun rapidly going down hangar flights were completed late afternoon by which time everyone who wanted to fly had done so. - Mike Sloggett